Condor Airlines | The Low-Cost Airline That Catered To Luxury Travelers

Condor Airlines is a low-cost airline that has been catering to luxury travelers for quite some time now. From its fleet of luxurious aircraft to its commitment to providing top-notch service, Condor Airlines definitely offers something special for those who want to travel in style.

One of the most unique things about Condor Airlines is its focus on providing luxury travel to Hawaii. Whether you’re looking for a vacation destination or just want to experience all that the islands have to offer, Condor Airlines is the perfect choice. not only does the airline have an impressive lineup of flights, but it also offers plenty of opportunities for luxurious pampering.

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious air travel experience, look no further than Condor Airlines.

What is Condor Airlines?

Condor Airlines was founded in 1981 by Frank Lorenzo and Michael O'Leary. The airline initially served the high-end travel market with luxurious aircraft and experienced rapid growth. In 1984, Condor began serving destinations in Europe and Asia. By 1988, Condor had expanded its services to include Mexico and the Caribbean.

In 1990, Condor began offering discounted rates to military personnel and their families. In 1995, the airline began operating out of Lambert-St. Louis Airport. That same year, Condor became the first U.S.-based carrier to offer direct service to Icelandair's new hub at Keflavik International Airport.

In 1998, Condor was purchased by TWA Corporation and underwent a rebranding effort that included the introduction of new livery and a new name - America West Airlines (AWA). In 2001, AWE merged with US Airways Group (USAG) creating American Airlines (AA). As part of American's acquisition of AWE, AA transferred all of its codeshare agreements with Condor to USAG. However, all remaining flights operated under the Condor name including transatlantic services from St. Louis to Dublin and Lisbon which continued until 2009 when US Airways ceased operations at Lambert-St. Louis Airport due to financial difficulties.

Today, Condor operates scheduled passenger service from San Francisco International Airport to six international destinations in Europe: Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg; Berlin; Bologna;

History of Condor Airlines

Condor Airlines was founded in 1961 as a charter airline. The airline became a full-time commercial carrier in 1971 and began serving the U.S. market. In 1984, Condor Airlines merged with American Express to create American Express Airlines. The company went public in 1990 and was acquired by Lufthansa in 1998. Lufthansa sold American Express Airlines to United Airlines in 2013.

What Kind of Travelers Fly with Condor Airlines?

Condor Airlines is a low-cost airline that catered to luxury travelers. The airline has a wide variety of destinations, including both domestic and international flights. Condor Airlines also offers a wide range of amenities, including comfortable seats, in-flight entertainment, and timely customer service.

What is the Condor Airlines Fare Structure?

Condor Airlines has a fare structure that is based on the number of minutes flown. travelers can purchase tickets and plan their flights online or through the airline's call center. The fare structure ranges from $9 to $159 per flight, with discounts offered for purchasing tickets in advance.

What are the Amenities of Condor Airlines?

Condor Airlines is a low-cost airline that caters to luxury travelers. It offers a wide variety of amenities, including comfortable seats, ample legroom, and heavy duty luggage restraints. In addition, the airline provides complimentary food and drink, as well as 24-hour customer service. Condor Airlines also has a wide range of destinations, including some of the most popular tourist spots in the world. It offers both international and domestic flights, making it a great option for travelers of all budgets.


How Much Does it Cost to Fly with Condor Airlines?

Condor Airlines is a low-cost airline that caters to luxury travelers. The cost of flying with Condor Airlines ranges from $99 one way to $699 round trip. However, there are a few caveats: First, passengers must be at least 5'8" tall and have a weight of at least 130 pounds.

Second, the airline only flies to 10 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Third, certain types of tickets are limited or unavailable.

For the most part, the cost of flying with Condor Airlines is reasonable. However, if you want to fly to a few destinations outside of North America, the cost can quickly add up.


Condor Airlines was a low-cost airline that catered to luxury travelers. The airline ceased operations in 2001 and its planes were sold to other airlines. Condor Airlines was founded by Herb Kelleher and Ronald Perelman, who are both billionaires.