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Saks Fifth Avenue : What You Need To Know

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Saks Fifth Avenue is a luxury retailer that sells designer clothing and accessories. There are many misconceptions about the company, such as its being a discount store or not offering sales often. It’s time to set the record straight by looking at what you should know about Saks Fifth Avenue.

History of Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue was founded in 1879 by Harry Saks and Isabella Stewart Gardner. The store grew rapidly, and by 1924, it had over 500 employees. In the 1950s, Saks Fifth Avenue became one of the first department stores to open in malls. In 1993, Saks merged with Neiman Marcus. In 2006, Saks Fifth Avenue was acquired by the luxury goods company LVMH.

Saks Fifth Avenue Branches

Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. With more than 270 stores across the globe, Saks Fifth Avenue offers shoppers a wide variety of designer clothing, accessories, and home furnishings.

In addition to its namesake store locations, Saks Fifth Avenue also operates off-price division The Saks Off 5th and lifestyle brand Lord & Taylor.

If you're looking to splurge on designer clothing, accessories, or home goods, then you'll want to check out Saks Fifth Avenue.

Why Shop Saks Fifth Avenue?

Saks Fifth Avenue is a luxury department store that is known for its high-quality fashion and accessories. The store has a wide selection of clothing, footwear, fragrances, and other items. Plus, the prices are often lower than at other luxury retailers. Here are three reasons to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue:

1. The Quality of the Clothes: Saks Fifth Avenue is known for its high-quality clothing. You'll find brands like Chanel, Armani, and Dior on the shelves. Plus, the prices are often lower than at other luxury retailers. This means you can afford to purchase more high-end items without breaking the bank.

2. The Selection of Accessories: Saks Fifth Avenue has a wide selection of accessories. You'll find everything from sunglasses to bags to jewelry. This allows you to customize your look and achieve the look you desire. Plus, the prices are usually lower than at other accessory stores.

3. The Customer Service:Saks Fifth Avenue is known for its customer service skills. You'll be able to find help with anything from finding a particular item to solving a problem with your purchase. Plus, staff members are knowledgeable

How to Get the Best Deals

Saks Fifth Avenue is known for its high-end fashion, and you can get great deals at the store. Here are some tips on how to get the best deals at Saks Fifth Avenue:

Before you go shopping, make a list of what you want to buy. This will help you stick to your budget and avoid impulse buys. Remember to also account for taxes, shipping, and any discounts that may be available.

Check the Saks Fifth Avenue online store before heading to the store. You can find similar items there and save on shipping. If you don't have time to check the online store, take into account the prices of similar items in other stores before making your purchase. Be aware that some items in the online store may not be available in the physical store.

Look for promotional codes and discounts when you are shopping. Many times, these offers are specific to Saks Fifth Avenue and will only be available while they are being offered.

When you are ready to make your purchase, go to the cash registers near the entrances of the store. The front of the store has more expensive items and the back of the store has cheaper items.

What are the Most Popular Items at Saks Fifth?

Some of the most popular items at Saks Fifth Avenue include designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. The store has a wide variety of clothing, from luxurious evening gowns to comfortable everyday clothes. Shoes and accessories are also popular choices at Saks Fifth Avenue, with a selection that spans from classic Ferragamo heels to quirky statement pieces.


If you are considering a purchase from Saks Fifth Avenue, then you should be aware of several key points. First and foremost, the store is known for its high-end fashion items, which can cost a bit more than what you might find at other retail locations. However, the quality of the clothing that Saks Fifth Avenue offers cannot be denied. Second, the store has a wide selection of sizes and styles to fit any individual, no matter what your body type may be. And lastly, Saks Fifth Avenue offers both in-store and online shopping options so that you can easily purchase whatever it is that you have your heart set on.

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